Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the website www.tiketku.id which is managed and owned by PT Viscus Media Dharma, as the owner of the TIKETKU ("Site") brand. PT Viscus Media Dharma is a Limited Partnership engaged in technology that is providing software in the form of a platform to facilitate and make the best use experience in enjoying events for you and vendors (hereinafter referred to as "TIKETKU" or "We"). Every person or legal entity that uses, accesses, utilizes and/or creates an account on Our Site (hereinafter referred to as "You") is hereby deemed to have understood, read, accepted and agreed to the terms of use of the Site and TIKETKU services, as will be described in below (hereinafter referred to as "Terms of Use").

These Terms of Use are a valid and binding agreement between you and TIKETKU. Please cancel your account and/or exit the Site and not use, access and/or use this Site if you do not agree or do not want to be bound by these Terms of Use.

Please check the terms of use and TIKETKU's privacy policy carefully before using the TIKETKU website and services for the first time. By registering, creating an account and/or using the TIKETKU website or service, you personally and/or the legal entity you represent understand and agree to abide by and be bound to all of these terms and conditions of use and TIKETKU privacy policy. You hereby declare and guarantee to TIKETKU that you are an individual or legal entity representative and have the right to act and be bound by this agreement.

A. Definition & Interpretation

  1. Unless the context otherwise requires, the following expressions will have the following meanings in these Terms of Use:
  1. "TIKETKU", "us", or "us" refers to PT Viscus Media Dharma, a limited partnership established under Indonesian law and having its address at Jalan Kaliwaru Raya 89, Sleman, DI Yogyakarta - Indonesia.
  2. "You" or "User" refers to any person or legal entity that uses, accesses, utilizes and/or creates an account at www.tiketku.id including but not limited to Vendors and Buyers.
  3. "Site" means www.tiketku.id which is managed and owned by TIKETKU.
  4. "Platform" means our Site, the mobile version of our Site, voice and data channels, technology, software, systems and other media owned and managed by TIKETKU from time to time.
  5. "Event" means a commercial or non-commercial activity organized by a Vendor who uses our Platform services to support the event's activities.
  6. "Vendor" means every individual, association, legal entity, and/or various other legal entities that organize Events as organizers, promoters, committees and/or owners who work with us using our Platform services including but not limited to the services we provide at Site.
  7. "Ticket" means proof of valid rights to enter the event venue, enjoy a performance performed by the Event, use and/or make use of an activity related to the Vendor Event in accordance with the date, time, place, type and/or conditions other attached to the entry ticket that has been chosen, ordered and purchased legally by the Buyer, whether in the form of physical, electronic or other forms of media used by us from time to time and has been equipped with a unique code (barcode) as a security system on the ticket.
  8. "Merchant" means parties who have entered into partnerships with us including but not limited to cooperation in reusing our platform to provide tickets both online and in person or offline.
  9. "Buyer" means any individual and/or legal entity that purchases at a specific price or free of Tickets held by the Vendor legally and in accordance with these Terms of Use, the terms and conditions applicable to the Event venue, the terms and conditions set by Vendors, as well as applicable laws and regulations.
  10. "TIKETKU” means the service that we provide to you Vendors in the form of providing a platform to support Events that makes it easy to use technology for Vendors to create, market, sell and/or distribute Events independently, where the service can change from time to time based on at our own discretion.
  11. "Service Fees" means service fees in return for us for our services or products, including but not limited to providing a Platform to support your Event, whether in the form of money, percentages or valuable services, which we determine from time to time based on our own policy.


B. General Provisions

  1. If there is a conflict or inconsistency between two or more provisions in these Terms of Use both with our other terms of use and/or terms of use of our Merchant, whether those provisions are listed in the same or different documents, conflict or inconsistency, the TIKETKU will determine the applicable provisions.
  2. In addition to these Terms of Use and depending on the service chosen by you, you are required to read and accept the terms and conditions of service that may apply to that service.
  3. This agreement is valid as long as you, the Vendor use our services, both at the time of organizing the Event and at the end of the Event until you have fulfilled all your obligations under this agreement.
  4. TIKETKU will publish any substantial changes or amendments to these Terms of Use (if any) through the Platform. Vendors are required to read carefully any changes or amendments so that if the Vendor continues to use, access or utilize the Platform, the Vendor is deemed to have known, understood and agreed to the changes or amendments.
  5. All Ticket Orders by Buyers for Events organized by Vendors through our Platform, are separate engagements from those that arise from this agreement based on these Terms of Use, ie agreements that arise between Buyers and Vendors, each of which is bound and subject to the agreement. To avoid doubts, we are a platform provider that works with vendors, while all tickets sold to buyers are the property of the vendor. All forms of data and information regarding the Tickets the Vendor provides to us, and we inform the prospective Buyer, constitute an offer from the Vendor to the prospective Buyer which is binding for the Vendor and Buyer in the event that the Ticket is purchased. Therefore, we are not included in any party in the event of a dispute, claim of rights, claim of rights, request for rights, compensation, losses incurred, injuries incurred, deaths that arise and / or claims of rights to any rights that arise directly related or indirectly from the holding of the Event requested by the Vendor to the Buyer and vice versa from the Buyer to the Vendor, including by any third party who feels aggrieved by the Vendor's Event.
  6. To avoid doubts, the Vendor has understood and agreed that TIKETKU does not provide guarantees in any form for the successful implementation of the Event both in the form of ticket sales and the smooth running of the Event. Vendors hereby discharge and release TIKETKU and bear all forms of claims, lawsuits, requests, losses, claims and/ or any form of compensation by any party including the Vendor himself arising as a result of including but not limited to ticket sales and event organizing .


C. Vendor Account

  1. Every Vendor who wishes to use and utilize our services, including the TIKETKU.id service, to support your Event, is required to create an account on the TIKETKU system.
  2. The requirement to create an account is to fill in data and information by the Vendor whose truth, validity, legality and validity are guaranteed by you.
  3. Every acts of using the account is the full responsibility of the Vendor as the maker and owner of the account, including all forms of abuse committed by other parties and / or the Vendor himself. Therefore, Vendors are required to maintain the confidentiality of data and information relating to the account. Vendors discharge and release TIKETKU from responsibility in any form related to the use of the account.
  4. In making the account, all data and information that are filled out by the Vendor are in full control and ownership of the Vendor, where the Vendor is fully responsible for the accuracy of any data and information that is filled out by the Vendor, and all forms of negligence, errors, negligence, typo, and/or errors in any form or reason that causes such data and information to be meaningless as intended by the Vendor is the Vendor's full responsibility, whether or not incurring losses, including but not limited to account number errors, schedule of events, places the event will be the Vendor's responsibility. Vendors are required to fill in all information and data in making accounts accurately, exactly, carefully and thoroughly.
  5. You as a Vendor hereby declare and guarantee to us that you are a legal entity that is authorized, authorized representatives, rights owners, and/or have obtained all the necessary approvals in creating an account and filling in all data and information in creating your account.
  6. You as a Vendor hereby declare and guarantee to Us that all data and information provided and filled in the creation of your account is data and information that is legal, valid, lawful, and is your authority for you to provide to us.
  7. You hereby agreed and agree that TIKETKU has the full rights and authority at our sole discretion, to delete, not process, blacklist, block and/or methods and ways that we deem necessary to handle each Vendor account that is We consider to have violated these Terms of Use, committed a crime, violated the provisions of the legislation, public order, decency, fraud, abuse, neglect, neglect and/or based on our policies that can be accounted for.


D. Event Content

  1. Vendors who have created an account on our Site, can create an Event subject to the terms and conditions in these Terms of Use, ethical norms, public order and applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Vendors are obliged to provide us free of charge without any form whatsoever all information and data regarding the Event with the correct data and information. valid, legal, legal, accurate and does not violate the intellectual property rights of other parties in any form. Vendors are prohibited from making a description of the Event that violates the provisions of the legislation, public order, decency, norms that apply, such as but not limited to provocation of ethnic, religious, racial and intergroup and/or certain groups, extortion, pornography , vulgar, corner people or certain groups, threats, insults, defamation, violence, scare, misleading, lying, calls that cause hatred or divisive animosity, and / or calls to violate applicable law.
  3. Events that Vendors organize are prohibited to contain elements, both in the form of naming, the contents of the Event, activities that are in the Event, the place of the Event, and/or all forms included in the Event elements that are related and become an interrelated entity in These events, both directly and indirectly, which include elements in the form of violations of the provisions of the legislation, money laundering, public order, decency, norms in force, such as but not limited to gambling, prostitution, provocation of ethnicity, religion, racial and intergroup and/or certain groups, extortion, pornography, threatening, humiliation, defamation, violence, intimidation, misleading, deception, lying, exclamations which create divisive hatred or hostility, all of whose activities are only in the form of collecting money and/or goods without any other event activities, and/or a call to break the law applicable.
  4. The Vendor declares and warrants to us that:
    1. All information and data provided to us, whether in the form of posters, pictures, words, terms and/or all other forms of creation that constitute intellectual property rights are the rights and authorities of the Vendor to be used both economically and non-commercially for the benefit of the Event by Vendor;
    2. Events that are held are the rights, property, possession, and full authority and/or is the power of attorney by having received all forms of approval required for the Vendor in representing the organization of the Event;
    3. The execution of the Event along with its contents and the Vendor's compliance with this agreement does not violate any provision, whether based on statutory regulations, other agreements, court orders, government agency orders and any obligations under which the Vendor is bound to comply with these provisions;
    4. Vendors are fully responsible for the entire Event including its contents, side or related elements and become a unity either directly or indirectly at the Event does not violate these Terms of Use, statutory regulations, decency, public order, party intellectual property rights Other and other provisions that must be obeyed;
    5. The Vendor has obtained all forms of permits, approvals, recommendations, and/or all other forms of documents in the implementation of the event being held;
    6. The contents of the Event, both the form of activities, activities fillers, types of activities, types of activities, Event events including types and types of tickets and all forms relating to the contents of the Event that are created and filled in the TIKETKU system are true and in accordance with the reality. In the event of any change regarding the Event, including but not limited to place, type, time, activity, commercial nature to be non-commercial and vice versa, Ticket type and classification and other changes, Vendor is obliged to notify TIKETKU and/or Buyer Ticket to the change.
  5. The vendor is fully responsible for all permits, approvals, dispensations, orders, licenses, taxes, levies, approvals for the use of intellectual property rights and/or documents in any form required based on statutory provisions including government policies, which are needed for sustainability and arrangement of the event.
  6. Vendors hereby agreed and agree that TIKETKU has full rights and authority based on our own policy, to refuse, delete, not process, blacklisted, blocked, stopped unilateral cooperation, demanded compensation, demanded various rights to restore the right that has been violated and/or by the methods and ways that we deem necessary to handle every Event that we deem has violated these Terms of Use, committed a crime, violated the provisions of the legislation, public order, decency, fraud, abuse, neglect, negligence and/or based on our policies that can be accounted for.


E. Payment Terms

  1. Every Event that is organized by a Vendor in our Platform, we are entitled to a Service Fee of as stated in www.tiketku.id/en/terms
  2. Before billing the money from the sale of Event Tickets sold through the TIKETKU system, Vendors are required to fill in and provide data and information needed by us at least as stated in www.tiketku.id/id/terms
  3. Vendors can collect money from the sales of Event Tickets sold through the TIKETKU system after the Event has ended and have fulfilled all applicable terms and conditions.
  4. TIKETKU will only process the payment of invoices as referred to in point (2) and (3) above a maximum of 10 (ten) working days from received and all the necessary requirements provided by the Vendor are complete.
  5. Payment for the ticket sales will be made by TIKETKU by transferring funds to the Vendor's account based on data and information that has been filled out by the Vendor. All errors in filling out Vendor account data and information that cause delays, failures, losses, reductions and all forms of consequences arising from this, are not the responsibility of TIKETKU so that the Vendor agrees and understands to discharge and release TIKETKU for responsibility towards that matter. Therefore, the Vendor is obliged to be exact, accurate, thorough, punctilious, careful and correct regarding the Vendor's account.
  6. The Vendor guarantees and takes full responsibility that the account data and information are legitimate, valid, legal and belong to the Vendor who represents the Event. To avoid doubts, Vendors discharge and release TIKETKU and will bear all forms of claims, lawsuits, requests, orders and claims by any party including the Vendor himself for the sale of Tickets that TIKETKU sends to the account based on the data and information the Vendor filled.
  7. Vendors are fully responsible for all taxes, impose, levy, contributions, retributions, fees, interest and/or bills in any form that becomes an obligation that must be done in the implementation and arrangement of the Event.
  8. Payment for the sale of Event Tickets given to Vendors based on sales reports listed in the TIKETKU system, will be paid after deducting our Service Fees, including value added tax (VAT).
  9. Unless otherwise specified in this agreement, all types of taxes, fees or other charges, both current and future, which must be paid to the government relating to transactions under this agreement, must be borne by the Vendor in accordance with the provisions of the legislation applicable.
  10.  In case that the Vendor does not collect his rights, including the proceeds of Ticket sales, which are with us no later than 30 calendar days after the end of the Event, the Vendor hereby agrees to grant us these rights, and those rights become the full and exclusive property of TIKETKU.


F. Event Changes and Cancellations

  1. In case of a change in Event activities due to one thing or another, the Vendor is obliged to notify Us and the Buyer formally no later than 7 (seven) days prior to the change in the Event's activities.
  2. In case of an event cancellation, TIKETKU remains entitled to the Service Fees it has done and other costs incurred by the Second Party relating to the implementation of the cooperation, including bank administration fees for the transfer of refunds to the Buyer (refunds) and other costs , which will be billed to the Vendor.
  3. In the event of an event cancellation, the Vendor is fully responsible for returning the purchase of Ticket by the Buyer to the Buyer through TIKETKU by paying the fees referred to in Letter (F) points (2) above plus the total ticket refunds, wherein the total will be deducted from the ticket purchase money and the lack of money must be paid by the Vendor no later than 7 (seven) days through our account which we will provide along with the amount to be paid to the Vendor.
  4. The refund amount for the cancellation of the Event to the Buyer is 100% (one hundred percent) of the Ticket price and does not include convenience fees that have been deducted by the bank and payment gateway (if the transaction is carried out with payment facilities from a payment gateway company) or other fees which will be borne by the Vendor, as referred to in Letter (F) point (2) and (3) above.


G. Licensing

  1. Depending on the User's compliance with the Terms of Use, we give Users limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-movable, non-sublicensable permission, permission that can be withdrawn to download and install a copy of the Site on a single mobile device that the User has or control and run a copy of the Site solely for the personal, non-commercial needs of the User himself.
  2. Users may not (i) copy, modify, adapt, translate, create derivative works, distribute, license, sell, transfer, display publicly, reproduce, transmit, move, broadcast, describe or disassemble any part of it or in other ways that might exploit the Site, except as permitted in these Terms of Use, (ii) license, sublicense, sell, resell, transfer, transmit, distribute or exploit commercially or make available to third parties the Site and / or software by way of; (iii) creating an internet "link" to the Site or "frame" or "mirror" of any software on another server or wireless or internet-based device; (iv) re-engineer or access our software to (a) build rival products or services, (b) build products using ideas, features, functions or graphics similar to the Site, or (c) copy ideas, features, functions or graphics of the Site, (v) launching automated programs or scripts, including, but not limited to, web spiders, web crawlers, web robots, web ants, web indexers, bots, viruses or worms, or any program that may make several server requests per second , or create a heavy burden or impede the operation and/or performance of the Site, (vi) using robots, spiders, site search / site retrieval, or other manual or automated devices or processes to retrieve, index, "data mines", or in any way reproduce or avoid the navigation structure or presentation of the Site or its contents; (vii) publish, distribute or reproduce in any way material that is protected by copyright, trademark or other owned information without prior approval from the owner of the property rights, (viii) delete any copyright, trademark or other proprietary notices that contained in the Site. There are no licenses or rights granted to Users with implications based on intellectual property rights owned or controlled by us or our licensors, except for those licenses and rights expressly granted in these Terms of Use.


H. Intellectual Property Rights

  1. We provide you with content such as sound, photos, images, videos or other material contained in sponsored advertisements or information. This material can be protected by copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights and laws. You can use this material only as expressly permitted by TIKETKU and will not copy, send or make derivative works of such material without written permission from TIKETKU.
  2. You acknowledge and agree that you will not download, post, reproduce or distribute any content or through the Platform that is protected by copyright or other proprietary rights of third parties, without obtaining permission from the owner of these rights. Any copyrighted or other exclusive content distributed or through the Platform with the consent of the owner must contain the appropriate copyright or other proprietary rights notices. Submission or distribution of unauthorized copyright or other exclusive content is illegal and may incur personal liability or criminal prosecution.


I. Guarantee

We are not giving representations, warranties or guarantees for the reliability, timeliness, quality, suitability, availability, accuracy or completeness of the services, our Site and/or our Platform, including but not limited to Services obtained or derived from our Merchants through the use of That platform. We do not represent or guarantee that (a) the use of the Platform will be safe, timely, uninterrupted or error free or operate in combination with other hardware, software, systems or data, (b) the service will meet your needs or expectations, (c) any data stored will be accurate or reliable, (d) the quality of the products, services, information or other materials purchased or obtained by you through the Platform will meet your needs or expectations, (e) errors or defects in The platform will be fixed, or (f) Platforms or servers that provide the Platform free from viruses or other dangerous components. Services provided to you are limited to "as is" basis. All conditions, statements and guarantees, whether express, implied, which are required by law or vice versa, including, but not limited to, implied warranties regarding sale and purchase, suitability for specific purposes, or absence of violation of third party rights, hereby excluded and putted aside the highest and maximum limits. You acknowledge and agree that all risks arising from your use of the Platform remain solely and fully yours and you will not have the right to claim any compensation from us.


J. Prohibition

As a condition of the use of the platform, you guarantee that you will not use this platform for any purpose that is unlawful or illegal under the law to currently apply in or outside Indonesia or is prohibited by the terms and conditions and / or these Terms of Use including specifically and / or implied. In addition, the Platform may not be used in any way, which can damage, disable, overburden or interfere with the use of other parties and / or Platform users. You must be comply and obedient to obtain or try to obtain material or information in ways that are made and available or made available through this Platform in good intention.


K. Violation

  1. Without prejudice to the other rules available in these Terms of Use, our rules or based on applicable law, We can limit your activities, warn the Buyer or other parties of your actions, reduce and/or cancel your Event, it is temporary/forever suspending or stopping registration and/or Your Event, including but not limited to your account and / or Event, and/or refuse to provide access to the Platform, and / or other actions based on our policy, if:
    1. You are violating these Terms of Use, statutory regulations and/or other related documents;
    2. The data and/or information provided by you is invalid, unlawful, illegal, fake and/or cannot be verified by us; or
    3. We believe that your actions may violate the rights of third parties or violate applicable law or result in liability for us, you and/or other users including potential Buyers.
  2. Subject to other regulations in these Terms of Use, in the event that your Event is canceled by TIKETKU for violating one of these Terms of Use and/or applicable laws and regulations, the money collected will TIKETKU give to the Buyer.


L. Limitation of Liability

  1. We are not responsible for any injuries, deaths, damage or losses that occur at the Event and/or use of the Platform. We also are not responsible for mistakes, including violations, or criminal actions committed by the Buyer or other parties who are in the place of the Event during the event, including the Vendor itself.
  2. We are not responsible and you guarantee and release us, our merchants, and our affiliated companies from any liability for any losses, claims, suits and/or requests for any rights by you, buyers, event visitors and/or third parties for abuse , fraud, fraudulent acts and/or other actions resulting from the dissemination of information and/or Event data, including Event Ticket data/information, which you do yourself and/or as a result of your negligence, negligence and/or intentionality. Therefore, you are required to safeguard and not share your own personal information and data, including your account.
  3. Any claim against us, in any case by you, will be limited by the total amount actually paid by and/or owed to you when using our services during the event that caused the claim. In any case We and/or our licensors will not be responsible to you or anyone for costs, interest, damage or loss of any kind or form (including personal injury, emotional disturbance and loss of data, goods, income, profits, use, or other economic benefits). We will not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury that may be caused by or caused by you at the time of the Event or in the context of carrying out this agreement or for anyone for whom you have ordered services, including but not limited to loss, damage or injury arising out of, or in any way related to services and/or Platform, including but not limited to the use or inability to use our services and / or Platform  and/or Site.
  4. You expressly rule out and discharge us from any and all liabilities, claims or damage arising from or in any way in connection with the Buyer, your Merchant, Merchant, Event visitors, parties to the Event and/or Event. We and our affiliated companies will not be a party to a dispute, negotiating a dispute between you and any party. The responsibility for the decisions you make on the Event are the responsibility and are inherent to and with you. You expressly rule out and discharge us from any and all obligations, demands, causes of action, or damage arising from the use of the Platform, the implementation of the Event, the software and/or the Platform, or in any way related to Us and Our Merchants introduced to you through the platform.
  5. We will take reasonable steps to prevent internet fraud and ensure data collected by us and stored is safe. However, we are not responsible in the event of a violation on your computer server, We are not responsible as a third party.


M. Compensation

By using our service, you agree that you will defend, compensate and discharge us, our licensors, affiliates, and each of our officers, directors, commissioners, employees, lawyers and agents from and against any and all claims, costs, damages, losses, obligations and fees (including attorneys' cost and fee) arising out of or in connection with: (a) your use of the services on our Site and/or Platform, your relationship with Buyers, third party providers, Merchants, installers advertisements and/or sponsors, or (b) violations of or non-compliance with any of the Terms of Use or the applicable laws and regulations, whether stated herein or not or (c) your violation of the rights of third parties, including third party Merchants and Our Merchants, or (d) use or misuse of our Platform services. This defense and compensationwill continue to apply even if the Terms of Use and use of the Site by you and the Event have ended.


N. Other Provisions

  1. If there are provisions in these Terms of Use which are determined illegally or cannot be applied in whole or in part, defective or must be translated only for those conditions or parts of those conditions and the remaining parts of these conditions and all other terms of these conditions the conditions will continue is in full force and effect, while we will adjust these conditions so that they can be implemented and fully approved by you.
  2. The terms and conditions will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. Settlement of disputes that occur between you and us will be resolved by deliberation for 30 (days) and if an agreement is made it will be resolved through and subject to the regulations that apply to the Indonesian National Arbitration Board
  3. From time to time, we may unilaterally change, revise, improve, delete, add and/or change in any form the terms and conditions set forth in these Terms of Use based on our policies and authority.