About Us

The development of information and technology through various media, especially internet media, is currently increasingly favored by the public and business people. Commerce via the Internet at this time has become more advanced and popular among the wider community.

No exception for event ticket sales online based on the website. Besides offering various conveniences, purchasing tickets online is also more convenient and provides a facility that is very practical for many people. Purchases can be made quickly and easily without the need to queue up and leave your home or place of work.

TIKETKU is a website that makes it easy for you to buy various kinds of event tickets that will take place, such as: Concerts, Festivals, Seminars, Sports, Stand Up, Conference, etc.

TIKETKU is under PT Viscus Media Dharma, as the owner of the TIKETKU brand ("Site"), the Limited Partnership engaged in technology, which is a software provider in the form of a platform.