Refunds are available if the event is canceled by the organizer.

  1. This ticket is an Electronic Ticket (e-ticket), follow the guidelines that apply at each event whether the ticket can be directly used or must be exchanged first into a physical ticket
  2. When checking in / exchanging must be equipped with original identity data such as a valid KTP, SIM or Passport and bring proof of tickets that have been received via email either by printing or showing on your smartphone (in accordance with the provisions of the committee at each event ).
  3. TIKETKU is not responsible for any claims against non-fulfillment, or unsatisfaction of products and services purchased on your behalf by TIKETKU from third-party service providers and distributors, but not limited to, airlines, road trips, concert shows, insurance companies and other entities. When airlines and other travel service providers move passengers to other flights or change flight schedules, for this reason TIKETKU is not responsible for the incident.
  4. All forms of Electronic Tickets (e-tickets) that have been purchased / ordered cannot be exchanged or returned.