What tickets are sold by TIKETKU?
TIKETKU is a ticket site for various events (Music, Seminars, Stand Up Comedy, Glow Run, etc.) which are open to the public in collaboration with TIKETKU

How do I order/book tickets via TIKETKU? Can I buy it directly at TIKETKU office?
You can place an order and purchase directly on the TIKETKU website after finding the desired Event.

How to contact TIKETKU?
You can contact TIKETKU through our official communication at: [email protected] to be responded to by the TIKETKU team. For further information  can be seen on the Contact Us page. 

Why are ticket prices on TIKETKU different?
There is a price difference with the price of the ticket announced by the organizer. That is because there are transaction handling fees. TIKETKU always tries to negotiate with the organizer to get a price that is not burdensome with your transaction. We are also committed to offering you the best prices and prices.

How much the transaction fee or admin fee at TIKETKU?
Transaction fees vary, you can see the total price to be paid after you place an order.

Why can ticket prices change?
We are committed to providing the best offer for you. Ticket prices may change due to the special price we get from the event organizer, while this special price is limited in number.

How long is the time limit for me to make a transfer?
The deadline for transfers is 3 hours from booking the ticket. If you exceed the time limit specified, your ticket booking is not valid and you are required to re-order.

How do I get tickets after an online purchase?
After making an order at TIKETKU and making payment, an e-ticket (electronic ticket) will be sent to your email. We guarantee the issuance of a ticket that you have purchased. So make sure the email and name that you entered when filling in the data for the E-ticket are correct. You can print this e-ticket or show it as a valid proof of purchase.

Do I need an identity for a purchase?
Yes. Identity is required for each ticket exchange at the venue. Please make sure that the customer's name matches the name on your ID card.

Why don't I get an e-ticket email right after I make a payment?
The payment validation process takes time, depending on the system process. So, please wait and don't forget to check the spam/junk folder in your email.

What if my e-ticket is lost? Or the e-ticket email was accidentally deleted?
E-ticket is a form of electronic ticket, if lost can be reprinted through the Member Page or from e-ticket email that has been sent. If the e-ticket email is deleted, you can still check your e-ticket from the Member Page.

What is the possibility of e-ticket duplication?
Maybe! For that reason, don't tell your e-ticket to other people. And if you exchange tickets, you are rejected because your e-ticket is considered to have been exchanged, neither TIKETKU nor the organizer is responsible for it. Therefore, keep your e-ticket well. 

In the amount to be paid, a unique code appears, whether it must be paid according to the total stated?
YES! The appearance of a unique code added to the payment amount serves to facilitate payment validation. If the payment is not the amount stated on the invoice, sorry we cannot process the e-ticket. So pay close attention to the certain amount to be paid.

How do I cancel the ticket that I bought?
For Refunds and Cancellation Tickets at the policy of the organizer or promoter of the event.

Will I always get a refund for the tickets that I canceled?
TIKETKU will always try to provide refunds that are submitted in accordance with the policies and after being agreed by the event organizer. However, there are some event organizers that do not allow refunds unless they are caused by a one-sided cancellation by the event organizer. Refunds also do not apply to certain types of tickets such as promo tickets or "early bird" tickets.

How much is the refund I received? How long do I get it?
The amount of refund and time is determined by the event organizer or event promoter. For more details about refund, you can check on the Refund Policy page.

Will there be a team from TIKETKU on standby at the venue during the event?
The TIKETKU team will be ready to assist in organizing events with the specified additional costs and additional services.